Program 2024

This is the current program for the 5th annual European conference. Times and speakers will be updated continuously. Subject to change. 

Day program

09:00 - 10:00

Opening of Registration

Official opening

10:00 - 11:00

Conference Moderator: Sunniva Whittaker, Rector University of Agder

The European Hymn

Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra

Presentation of the Council of Europe Banner for the Europe Prize awarded to Kristiansand, 1966

Presentation of the official banner of the 75 Anniversary of the Council of Europe

Welcome speech

Mathias Bernander, Mayor of Kristiansand

Official opening 

Bryndís Haraldsdóttir, Member of Alþingi, President of the Nordic Council 2024 


Ukraine as an Integral Part of Europe

fmr. President Viktor Yushchenko


Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Bjørn Berge, on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Council of Europe

The Summit in Reykjavik: Expectations from the Parliaments

Ingjerd Schou, Member of Parliament, Chair of Norway’s delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe 


The Summit in Reykjavik: Strengtgening Local and Regional. Cooperation in Europe

Bernd Vöhringer, President of the Chamber of Local Authorities of the Congress  of the Council of Europe 

Musical preformance

Bilal Alnemr

11:00 - 11:20

Coffee break

Session I : The Future of European Cooperation 

11:20 - 12:45

Russia’s continued war against Ukraine represent great challenges for the cooperation in Europe. How can we defend democracy and human rights in the time of war? Profound changes have occurred in the Nordic security situation. What are the implications for European cooperation of the new Nordic security perspective.  Can this also strengthen the Nordic voice and values in Europe?


A Nordic perspective - an assessment

Cecilia Malmstrøm, fmr. EU Commissioner of Sweden 
Thorbjørn Jagland, fmr Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Council of Europe  

A Turkish view on developments in Europe

Sinan Ülgen, Director, Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM)

The role of Turkey in European politics

A conversation between Thorbjørn Jagland, fmr Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Council of Europe and Torbjørn Frøysnes, fmr Norwegian Ambassador to the CoE

The Gaza war, the regional tension and the position of the main actors in the geopolitical picture in the Middle East

A conversation between journalist Sidsel Wold, NRK and Tor Wennesland, UN Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process

Prepared comment and call of action

The Rapporteur of the Kristiansand European Youth Forum Kristiansand, 4-5 May 2024. Maja Fleck Baustian and Peter Török, European Advisory Council on Youth.

12:45 - 13:30

Lunch break

Session II: Reparation and Justice for Ukraine

13:30 - 14:40
Damage in Ukraine caused by the Aggression of the Russian Federation: Ensuring accountability and responsibility - a follow-up to the Council of Europe Summit in Reykjavik 16.-17. May 2023. 

Session moderator: Frederic Dolt, Head of Department, Implementation of Human Rights, Justice and Legal Cooperation Standards, Council of Europe

Reparation and reconstruction of Ukrainian municipalities

A message from Mayor of Mykolaiv Oleksandr Syenkevych and Mayor of Kristiansand Mathias Bernander together with youth representatives from Mykolaiv

Keynote Speech

Andreas Motzfeldt Kravik, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Presentation of the Register of Damage Caused by the Aggression of the Russian Federation Against Ukraine

Executive Director, Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi 

Panel discussion

Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi , Executive Director Register of Damage

Vitalij Bielobrov, Deputy Mayor of Khershon

Igor Cvetkovski, Senior Advisor on Reparation and Transitional Justice ION/UN Migration, Kyiv

Mads Andenes, Professor at the Department of Private Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo

14:40 - 15:00

Coffee break

Session III: Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

15:00 - 16:00
The challenges of technological advances in relation to human rights is a very important and long-standing subject in European cooperation. In particular, the developments in regulating the application of AI have reached important crossroads with the adoption of the Council of Europe Framework Convention on the application of AI, in April 2024, and the implementation of the EU AI Act. 

Session Moderator: Patrick Penninckx, Head of Digital Development and Governance Department, Council of Europe.

Setting a European standard for the world - the EU approach to regulation of A

Brando Benifei, Member of the European Parliament, Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection and Rapporteur on AI Act

Setting a European standard for the world - the Framework Convention on Aof the CoE

Thomas Schneider, Chair of CAI, Council of Europe

Setting a European standard for the world - undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Justice

Ms Guna Puce, Chief Digital officer for the Government of Latvia

Setting a European standard for the world - regulating AI at national level

Deputy Director General Tonje Meinich, Ministry of Justice

Panel discussion - the implementation of the European regulations

Senior Adviser Heather Broomfield, Directorate of Digitalization

Master of Science Alex Moltzau, AI Policy and Ethics, NORA

Professor AI, Morten Goodwin, University of Agder

Legal Adviser Nele Roekens, Belgian National Human Rights Institution and Equality Body, Chair of the Working Group on AI of the ENNHRI

Emily Khachatryan, Advisory Council on Youth

Evening program

The 75th Anniversary of the Council of Europe, with participation of the National Assembly of Norway, Stortinget.  

17:30 - 18:30

Buffet reception

In the Foyer at Kilden

18:30 - 20:00
Freedom of Expression was a main theme at last year’s European Conference and was highlighted as a major concern for the future of Europe at the Reykjavik Summit, particularly impacted by the Russian war against Ukraine. Our artistic program will therefore particularly feature freedom of expression and artistic freedom. 


Host of the evening: Agnes Kittelsen 

Musical preformance 

Blanke Ark

75th Anniversary of the Council of Europe -  Freedom of expression in the context of the values of the Council of Europe, Democracy, Human Rights and Rule of law

Ingjerd Schou, Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs and Defence, Stortinget, Chair of the Norwegian Delegation to the PACE

75th Anniversary of the Council of Europe and its history of the promotion of culture and arts as a means of peace and cohesion

Sara Whyatt, expert on artistic freedom editor of Free to create, artistic freedom in Europe (2023)  

Musical performance


Implications on Media and Artistic Freedom in Europe following Russia's War on Ukraine

Conversation between Olga Volynska, journalist, writer and film maker, Ukraine and Sanita Jemberga, Executive Director of RE.Baltica, Riga 

Musical performance


Artistic Freedom, cancellation, and self-censorship

Diana Maksimikhina, Russian theater director and playwright (Currently living in Germany)

Magdi Omar Ytreeide Abdelmaguid, Norwegian rap artist and member of the The Norwegian Commission for Freedom of Expression and

Mia Habib, choreographer, dancer, and artist.

Moderated by Agnes Kittelsen

CreaTeME and UiA presents: SOUND ACTS Ensemble. A Performance of Free Sounds

Alessandra Bossa - live electronics, vox, performance

Mariam Kharatyan - piano

Bilal Alnemr - violin

Lusine Djanyan  - performance

Mirjam Eszter Pálfai - flute

Noah Kumpitak  Nilsen - el bass ,fx

Johannes Kristiansen - guitar, fx

Michał Jerzy Nietyksza - drums, electronics

Words, like sounds, are not just vessels for conveying thoughts; they're tools for transformative action. Creating free sounds—blending acoustic tones, electronic resonance, gestures, and words—is a dynamic and empowering process. Sound is a relational event that provides orientation and a sense of belonging. 

It's an act of hybridization involving limitless possibilities through conjuring, shaping, and molding. 

Creating sounds together becomes a practice that offers a platform where openness allows for the coexistence of contrasting identities and ideas.

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