HOVEDPROGRAM: Muslims in Democratic Europe - Participation and Inclusion for all?

Torsdag 4. mai
Universitetet i Agder
Arrangør: Kristiansand kommune, Faith Associates, Plattform, Nordic Safe Cities, UIA, Muslimsk Råd Agder
Språk: Engelsk

On 4 May the second MEET conference will be hosted by the University of Agder. It will focus on Muslim communities in Europe, and will address two topics in particular: 

  1. Women in Islam
  2. Status of Muslims in Europe

The conference is free, and we will provide you with lunch and coffee. If you wish to attend, please register for free. 
We are aware that not everybody will be able to follow the program in English. For this reason, we will provide translation to Norwegian, Arabic and most likely two other languages.


Kim Henrik Gronert
Kristiansand Kommune
Mobil: + 47 92 26 13 06

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