Norwegian Rap artist Magdi to address Artistic Freedom at the European Conference

Renowned Norwegian rap artist and member of the famed duo KARPE, Magdi, known for using his voice as a powerful tool for social commentary, is set to speak his mind at the upcoming European Conference.

Magdi (Photo: Michael Angeles)

Notably, he has served as member of the Norwegian government's commission on freedom of speech, demonstrating his deep commitment to defending this fundamental right.

Joining forces with him will be the outspoken Russian activist from Pussy Riot, and multi-disciplinary artist Lusine Djanyan, promising an exchange of ideas and perspectives on artistic freedom and societal activism.

As Europe grapples with evolving socio-political landscapes, the imperative to uphold artistic freedom has never been more vital. Join us at the European Conference as we confront these challenges head-on and reaffirm our commitment to a vibrant and free artistic community.

Tickets for The European Conference: The State of Artistic Freedom can be bought here (evening program):

Publisert: 9. april 2024 10:31
Oppdatert: 9. april 2024 11:18