Ukraine’s former president, Viktor Yushchenko, will attend the European Conference

For the 5th consecutive year, the Council of Europe, KS (the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities), Kristiansand municipality, and a strong regional partnership collaborate to organize the European Conference on Democracy and Human Rights in Kristiansand. This year, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko will speak about Ukraine’s integration into Europe.

"Russia’s aggression against Ukraine significantly impacts the overall situation in Europe. This has been a central topic at the annual European Conference in Kristiansand since 2022. We greatly appreciate that former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has accepted my invitation to participate in this year’s conference," says Kristiansand’s Mayor, Mathias Bernander. Two years ago, he contributed via video due to security reasons preventing his physical attendance.

Supporting Ukraine
"Kristiansand places great emphasis on supporting Ukraine. Last year, we signed a cooperation agreement with Mykolaiv in Ukraine during the European Conference. The two municipalities have collaborated on local democracy, business, youth initiatives, and infrastructure. An example of this collaboration is the shipment of six buses to Mykolaiv. We are pleased that Mykolaiv’s Mayor will also attend the European Conference, and I look forward to discussing further cooperation with him. Additionally, a larger youth delegation from Ukraine will be present in Kristiansand, which will also be highlighted during the conference, Bernander adds.

The annual European Conference on Democracy and Human Rights in Kristiansand is one of Europe’s major events commemorating Europe Day, established in memory of the founding of the Council of Europe in 1949. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Council of Europe, and this milestone will be celebrated at the Kristiansand conference, with participation from the Council of Europe’s leadership and members of the Norwegian Parliament. 

Other current topics at the conference include the War Damage Register for Ukraine, which was recently established in The Hague and is being presented in Norway for the first time. Additionally, the new European regulations from the EU and the Council of Europe regarding the regulation of artificial intelligence usage will be discussed. Freedom of expression and artistic freedom are the themes of the evening program at the European Conference, led by Agnes Kittelsen

Publisert: 24. april 2024 15:25
Oppdatert: 25. april 2024 8:01